AARPs big win over HUD for Non Borrowing Spouses

AARP and Non borrowing Spouses sued HUD/FHA and won by forcing a change to all new HECMs with Case numbers created after August 4, 2014.  Unfortunately the non-borrowing spouses of the past current status is still the same where they have to sell or refinance their homes if thier borrowing spouse passes on.  AARP's massive undertaking with this suit is looked at with honor and upholds their long standing commitment to seniors.  Our hats are off, we believe that the reverse is a great option and we encourage AARP to stay involved in the reverse mortgage world.

Post August 4, 2014, Non Borrowers can't not be on the loan if they live in the property.

Borrowers that marry under 62yr old spouses after they get a reverse mortgage can protect their new spouse by meeting the required equity position to support their new younger age spouse calling their customer service number from their lender to make this addtion to their loan, and following the rules on the left.